環速集團是香港具領先地位的 ITaaS 營運商

We server with our heart

環速集團是本港領先的綜合資訊科技服務營運商,致力提供優質高效、以客為尊的一站式服務。我們一直以豐富的資訊科技行業經驗及專長,為政府、學校與商業客戶,提供卓越的資訊科技服務,目前環速集團在香港共聘用超過 700 名員工,是香港主要的綜合資訊科技服務營運商之一。

Speedy Group is one of the leading integrated IT service companies in Hong Kong, it aims to provide a customer-led, one stop solution to customers in an effective, customer-centric and sustainable manner. Speedy Group current employed over 700 employees in Hong Kong.




  • 雲端服務
    環速為香港具規模的雲端、網頁寄存及域名註冊服務營運商。我們是首批獲香港互聯網註冊管理有限公司(HKIRC)認可的註冊服務商,為本地互聯網社群提供全面的「.hk」及「.香港」域名註冊服務,並連續多年榮獲由HKIRC頒發之「最佳合作夥伴金獎」。我們透過旗下雲端服務品牌?環速網存 Hosting Speed 及 香港域名註冊服務 提供全面的雲端服務。
  • 學校資訊科技支援服務
  • 公共機構資訊科技服務
    環速為香港特別行政區政府提供全方位資訊科技服務,我們更是同時獲政府資訊科技人才派遣服務合約(T23 – T25)及醫院管理局資訊科技人才派遣服務合約。我們亦是政府公共雲端服務供應商(GPCS)。

Our Businesses

The core business of Speedy Group:

  • Cloud Services
    Speedy Group is a large player in Cloud, Web Hosting & Domain Name Registrar in Hong Kong. We are the first group of HKIRC-accredited registrars starts to provide .hk and .香港 domain name registration services which enables the provisioning of more comprehensive services for local Internet community. Speedy Group has been awarded the HKIRC Best Performing Service Partner for many years.
  • School IT Support Services
    Speedy Group is the largest school based IT supporting services provider in Hong Kong, provides quality IT Technical Support Services to over 300 primary and secondary schools.
  • Public Sector IT Solutions
    Speedy Group provides full range of IT services to The Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region. We are one of the IT service provider awarded the Provision of IT Contract Staff Services to the Government Contracts (T23 – T25),?Provision of IT Contract Staff Services to Hospital Authority & Government Public Cloud Services Provider (GPCS).

社會責任 ? Social Responsibility


As a good corporate citizen ready to contribute to the local community, Corporate Social Responsibility is high on the agenda of Speedy Group. Since 2005, Speedy Group has been awarded “Caring Company” by the Hong Kong Council of Social Service for over ten consecutive years in recognition of our consistent efforts in helping to build a harmonious community.


集團業務 Group Businesses

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